LHSAA attendees at the Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong Festival

The following are some of the LHS Alumni who attended the ďLouie Bluie FestivalĒ at Cove Lake on Saturday, June 14. There were lots more who attended but didnít sign in at the LHSAA Booth. I see a couple of names who traveled some distance just to attend the festival. Irene Hensley La Madrid Ď60 and husband flew in from California especially for the event and Ralph and Odell Anderson Ď58 came from Georgia. If Iíve excluded anyone, Iím sorry. Please let me know and Iíll include your name. I have no pictures at this time. If anyone took any, would you please pass them on to me and I'll upload them to the site.

I understand it was a totally successful event attended by several thousand (probably by twice as many as last year). Our hats' off to Jo Anne McCloud Myers, '60 and her crew for another successful production. This will likely become an annual "signature" event for Campbell County. She gives all the credit to her staff and volunteers....but we know it is her tenacity that pulls everything together.

I apologize if Iíve misspelled some of your names. Some of the names were not written plainly. I also have to apologize for making plans to be there and then not being able to attend. My husband had some unexpected health challenges and there was no way I could get away.

On behalf of the LHSAA Board "thanks for all of your support" and they "greatly appreciated those who helped out with the booth". I certainly hope I can make it next year. If you were there and enjoyed it, why not tell us what you thought by using the message board/guest book function. Iím sure the organizers/volunteers would appreciate a word of thanks and encouragement.

James W. Faulkner 1962
Linda S. Moore (Heatherly) 1968
David Rutherford 1968
Bill Widener 1967
Barbara McCullah (Nelson) 1973
Karen Franklin (Brown) 1969
Ralph & Odell Anderson 1958
Joanne Wallace Whitaker 1974
Steve M. Goins 1968
Elaine & Kenny McElroy 1970
David Ellison 1965
David ? 1972
Ronnie Wright 1967
Barbara Wallace 1977
Portia Hatfield 1969
Tammie Bolling 1972
John Faulkner 1953
Tommy Rutherford 1970
Jennie Brewer Wright 1967
Helen Bruce Ross 1957
Darryl Ross 1959
Mary York Stittums 1958
J. L. Stittums 1957
Arlene Jones Sharp 1972
Brenda Bean Lane? 1969
Bobby McDonald 1957
Faye Trowbridge Gross 1962
Louise Trowbridge McFarland 1955
Linda Smiddy Wright 1971
Harold "Sneak" Wright 1962
Patricia Proffitt Hatmaker 1965
Millard Summers 1960
J.W. Anderson 1955
Beverly Hall Stanfield 1971
Ruth Bruce Hopkins
Danny E. Vincent 1967
Vic King 1972
Brenda Rains Robards 1960
Michael Hatmaker 1969
Melinda Eblen Thompson 1964
Clyde Green 1968
Bill Hatfield 1974
Donna Johnson 1976
Rosalind Kitts Wilson 1964
Rissa Pryse Tamer 1974
Russell Leach 1957
Mike Stanfield 1970
Pat Auxier Gregory 1962
Anna Jane Cordell Richardson 1970
Helen Cordell Connor 1968
Linda McCarty McKamey 1958
Bill Hendon 1962
Jimmy Davis 1954
Irene Hensley La Madrid 1960
John P. Lemaire 1971
Margaret Hatmaker 1954
David G. Young 1969
Martha Ivey Wells 1961
Jo Ann Chapman Vaughn 1961
Doris Chapman Goins 1957
Charles Brown 1966
Ed Wheeler 1962
Ken Starrett 1962
Tom Stiner 1956
Dallas E. Johnson 1963
Earl Chapman 1956
Gary Gray 1971
Jerry Gray 1971
Ed Gray 1967
Jo Anne McCloud Myers 1960
Ricky Long 1975
Betty Siler Snodderly 1962

Song Playing is Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong's "State Street Rag"

There is a favorite of Howard's called "When He Calls Me, I Will Answer" playing at The Osborne and Armstrong Family Link

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