1956 Class Will

Larry Brooks wills the Tri-County Motor Company to Everett Orick.
Horace Brown leaves all his hair to Jack Bowman.
Jimmy Brown leaves, leaves, well just leaves. . . . he hopes.
Gilbert Broyles leaves his quiet ways to Pat Miller.
Patsy Kitchens leaves J. D. Jorden to Margie Graham.
Junior Tye leaves his position on the bench to J. D. Jordan, and hopes that he will profit by it.
Wanda Carmany wills her seat in Algebra to Norris Treece, and hopes he won't have as much trouble as she did.
Gene Carr leaves his handsome looks to Bill Fox, because he needs them.
Jerry Mr. Sharp leaves his beautiful laugh to Jack Butcher.
Johnny Dower leaves nothing because he needs everything he has.
Junior Harmon wills his ability to have so many girls on the string to Dale Heatherly.
Roger Webb wills his basketball ability to Robert Malicote and hopes he will strive to make the goal.
Bill Letner leaves his little Ford to anyone who wants it.
Nancy Castleberry leaves her sweet ways to June Carrol.
Marilyn Wheeler leaves Larry to all the girls who like his "little red car."
Betty Partin leaves her friendly personality to anyone who may profit by it.
Mary Sue Sharp will her position at the hospital to Joan Grey.
Nannie Lee Paul wills her ability to copy to Joe Gross.
Betheria Nevils leaves her beauty to Suzanne Claiborne as if she needed it.
Anne Dove James thought she might leave Steve, but has changed her mind.
Judy Kitts Dobson takes everything with her, since she got married she needs everything she has.
Peggy Whaley leaves her place as cheerleader to anyone who can get elected.
Eddy Murray leaves his nickname "Crazylegs" to Earnest Jones.
Max Stiner leaves his ability to be a good guy to Jim Higdon.
Tommy Stiner leaves his innocent ways to Jimmy Foley.
Elmer Miller leaves nothing and says it's a cinch he won't leave Carol Wynn Parrot.
Joe Cecil leaves all his love to Francis Sharp.
Don Hickey leaves his friendship with Peggy Irwin to Paul Roberts.
Ruth Vincent wills her ability to come to school to Barbara Alexander.
Kenneth Miller leaves his ability to loaf to Hillard Mattie.
Jerry Willoughby leaves her boy friend to Sue Wilcox.
Betty Hutson leaves Jack Miller to all the Junior girls.
Marilyn Smith leaves her ability to mock people to Jane Chapman.
Poe Chapman wills his small body to Eddie Fritts, because he sure does need it.
Bob Robards and Joe Goad leave their position on the Annual Staff to Janie Lee Cordell.
Earl Chapman leaves his very nice personality to Dan Qudener.
Clyde Fugate leaves his ability to date all the girls to Hazel Dean Wilson.
Jim Goins leaves a bushel of kisses to Bertie Mae Fannin.
Delores Cable leaves her giggles to Louise Woodson.
Edith Summers leaves her quiet ways to Joyce Cooper.
Barbara Parrot leaves her History book to Louise Myers.
Annetti Mills leaves her natural curly hair to Russel Leach.
Anetti Miller leaves her beautiful legs to Robert Miller.
Betty Sue Minton leaves her ability to pass everything to Roy Orick.
Sue Moore leaves her cute figure to Harold Hooks and hopes he will find some use of it.
Relda Nelson leaves her long black hair to Eudena White.
Mildred Tiller leaves all the Senior boys to Pauline King.
Delores Woodard leaves nothing because she might be here next year.
Sidney Wolfenbarker leaves his name to Franklin Dee Thompson because his isn't long enough.
Earl Willoughby leaves his nickname "Crock" to Willis Miller.
Betty Hatmaker leaves her senseless brain to June Bostic.
Faye Davis leaves her cute walk to Bobby Cheek, (he needs it).
Sally Griffith believes she'll take everything with her.
Marvin Rogers leaves his flaming red hair to Arkie McCulley.
Bob Seals leaves his ability to argue to Frank Stagnolia.
Jim Tucker and Paul Tiller leave their position on the football team to Lola Hickman. (She'll make a good one)
Don Perkins leaves his ability to remain true to his girl to E. L. Benge.
Jack Wayne Miller leaves Linda Henry to Charles Gross.
Carl Gross leaves his dreamy eyes to Charles Turner.
Ralph Hatfield leaves everything he has to Carolyn Edwards because she is so pretty.
Loretta Prim wills all the doughnuts she has to Jerry Wyatt.
Nadean Parker leaves her job in D. O. to Lois Crabtree.
Arizona Stooksbury leaves her job as reporter to Mildred Miller.
Daleno McNeeley and Chas Norman leave their ability to be on time to Rosemary McCarty.
Bill Leach leaves his curly hair to Alien McCeary.
Clifford Owens and Delano Parrot say they're taking all they have with them.
Betty Teston and Shelby Caldwell leave their many boy-friends to all the Junior girls.
Jean Stagnolia leaves her ability to lie to Willard Wright.
Francis, Joyce, and Cardean Heatherly leave their ability to pass History to Velma Goins.