Senior Class Prophecy
Lafollette HS Class of 1956

It was many and many a year ago
In a school house in the sticks
A high school there was called La Follette
And the Class of '56.

Those were the days of yesteryear,
But let's see what's happening now.
There's Max and Tommy Stiner
Pushing a horseless plow.

A little further down the valley
As on toward town I go
Is that a nursery yonder?
No! That's Gene and Peggy's bungalow.

Well here we are at the schoolhouse
And who is that I see?
It's janitor Terry Campbell,
And assistant Gilbert Broyles.

I wonder who the teachers are
Of this most humble abode
There's Edward Ford, the Phys. Ed. Coach
And Science Prof., Joe Goad.

I'd like to see a couple more
Before I start to flee.
Say! there's principal Poe Chapman the III
Trying to graduate Jerry C.

Well, here we are in town.
I wonder who's here I know?
There's Jackie Wayne, my old friend,
Taking up tickets at Elmer's show.

And who are the famous persons
Of the motion picture reel?
A singer Anne Dove James
And baritone Ralph Hatifield.

Who is that coming up the street?
A cheerleader of renown,
A famous woman selling shoes
To support her husband - Buster Brown.

And who are the most important men
Who have taken a business fling?
Of course its Crock and Goosegg
Who've bought out the Hamburger King.

And what do they owe to their success?
Their brows don't look too sweaty,
It's because of their famous dishwashers
Who are known as Ruth and Betty.

Of all the people in the town
We are likely to see more.
There's cousins Johnny Joe and Joe
With families of Twenty-four.

The rest of the class I cannot find;
I cannot stand here waiting.
Perhaps if I go North I'll find
The rest of them in Dayton.

Education is a wonderful thing
I learned my books through and through,
I learned to read and write but not to hide.
Signed: inmate 202.

By Jerry M. Sharp