History of the Class of 56

In the ancient year of 1952, strange little figures crept toward the door of learning. We were the first members of the Nobility class of '56. We learned 'rithmetic, readin1, 'riting, but the class we liked most was the five minute breaks between slavery and boredom. There were clubs entering our lives, romance, dances, parties, and them there kissing games. (Big Stuff). Then came the ordering and exchanging of class rings, professional talks, Junior and Senior Prom, and living for Friday nights. . . .Oops! I almost forgot the decorating of the stage for graduation (which we forgot to do). Then came the long awaited day, we were seniors, "OH GLORY BE." This meant honor, society, dignity, and with these attributions came the election of senior class favorites, and brother was that pass fumbled. The dignified seniors were moved from the back to the front because of their interest in the jet age. Now comes the handing of those precious white diplomas. . . . ole L.H.S. missing our shining faces. We received advice we felt we didn't need, tears from losing good friends, and giggles from tripping over graduation gowns.

As we look back over the past four years, the thing that stands out most in our memories is the patience of our former principal, Mr. L. Hope Dossett. We know that after graduation we still will be able to hear him whistle and call out, "Everybody's got a place and everybody ought to be there."

By Courage and Faith
The Annual Staff