Tammy turns 50

"Just wanted to update you all on my birthday happenings. Yes, Jane, I did make it to 50...barely!

First thing on Friday morning I got up, hopped in the shower, and the bath mat slid right out from under me. Took a hard landing on the upper front part of my head and my right knee. After what happened to Natasha Richardson last week I didn't want to take any chances. Also, I thought, this might just be the kind of thing God would do to me...take me out on my 50th birthday...lol...so I decided I should stop by the emergency room on my way to work.

After having all the neurological testing done, the doctor, being the very thorough physician that she is, insisted on examining my right knee. I refused, as I had taken the fall stepping into the shower and had not had the opportunity to shave my legs...you get the drift. Anyway, she stated she didn't shave her legs much in the winter time either and that she was a woman and understood those things. It was still a "no go" for me and I told her I would take responsibility for the knee, just to consider me non-compliant as far as my knee was concerned.

After being checked out, almost to their satisfaction, I was told I could not go to work because I needed to be watched closely for the next 24 hours. So this is another glitch in my day. Per the doctor, this meant David had to go with me wherever I went to keep an eye out for developing neurological symptoms. I told her...this is about the knee thing, isn't it? She simply smiled.

It is fair to state that David did not find this to be such an exciting development either. The doctor told him to look out for me becoming confused, irritable...to which he replied..."she seems pretty confused and irritable now...how am I supposed to tell the difference?"

Much to David's chagrine, my next stop was the Department of Motor Vehicles. I was not allowed to renew my driver's license online because apparently the photo I had taken over a decade ago was, in their estimation, not an accurate depiction of the person they were sure I was now...in short, middle aged. I will concede it took several attempts to achieve an acceptable photo on my last license.

Not so this time. The lady did not even tell me when she snapped the photo. Honestly, I don't even know the person who's picture is on my driver's license. It is a photo of some overweight, middle-aged woman with a goose egg on her forehead who was obviously having a bad hair day. I look like a poster child for domestic violence victims!

Well, at least I learned I officially qualify for AARP membership so I guess it wasn't all bad. The day did get better...thankfully. Thank you to all who sent birthday greetings. It's great being able to stay in touch and continue to share some of life's joys, and bumps!"