Holiday/Seasonal/Patriotic Tributes

What is Love?

Valentine Humor

Christmas 2008--Greetings and Wishes from Alumni


A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Rainbows of Fall

Autumn Leaves

A Halloween Tale -- Happy Halloween!!

I Am Your Flag Beautiful

How Did You Spend Your July 4th Please watch this touching video and read the commentary beneath the video. Thanks Helen and Mary

Real Story of the Iwo Jima Memorial--Thanks Karen and Glen '55

You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop!!!

Happy 4th of July

A Celebration of our Freedom. Click on link for some very special comments and new graphics. It's very special for me because I love my country and respect and admire our military and veterans.

Why I Love America --narrated by John Wayne

My Beautiful America -- Absolutely beautiful...Thanks Sylvia and John, '65 & '66 Alumni

Tribute to September 11, 2001

Dixie -- Wonderful Scenes from our Southern States

Tribute to our Fathers-- A Tribute to All Dads. Includes a tribute to my Dad, William "Bill" Oliver, written in 1977.

Tribute to Mothers

The Legend of the Dogwood and Rebud Trees

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For Patsy