Classes gearing up for Best of Times III


Remembering the best of times is easier with a little help from friends. So Gail Stout Herrin, alumni president, is seeking memories, movies and more to make next year’s LaFollette High School reunion “one worth coming home for.” The planning for the four day long event, beginning Thursday June 3, 2010, is well underway. The Alumni’s Historian, L.C. Madron, is the official chairman of the first event. Herrin and Sue Byrd Troutman, secretary, hope to really get things rolling in the coming months.

Official registration will take place at the LaFollette Recreation Center at 10 am. Clyde Green is the official chairman of registration and anyone interested in assisting Green should contact him.

Bobby and Warren “Country” Heatherly are assisting Herrin in planning a golf tournament to be held on the Thursday of the reunion at the LaFollette Country Club. Anyone interested in helping plan this event or for any information about this event should contact Madron.

To kick off the weekend Charles “Goat” Baird and Gene Prater are planning to hold a “Friday Night Mixer” at White Bridge. The mixer will have an assortment of food vendors, a line-up of entertainment including the Parrott Brothers, ample utilities and a firework finale at dark with Pyro Shows. Tents have been purchased to allow each class, 1953-1975, to sign in and easily locate fellow classmates. (Charlene's Notes: There will be tents for the pre-1953 classes and for those classes from 1976-78)

“We want to stress that during planning of the celebration we were made aware that ‘76,‘77 and ‘78 Campbell County High School graduates who attended LaFollette High School will be included and have their own tent,” said Herrin and Troutman.

The reunion will begin at 9 am Saturday when Central Avenue closes to all moving traffic so LaFollette High graduates can party down downtown. The sign in tents for each class will also be present at Sergeant Park during the downtown celebration.

Pictures and movies submitted by any LaFollette High alumni will be displayed on a wide-screen televison all day and night. “If you have any memorabilia pertaining to the history at LaFollette High” Troutman encourages you to send it in so they can share it with everyone. “We can even do 9mm film,” urges Herrin.

Susie Shaw Henson is directing the food and craft vendors for the day. Gail Bowman will be painting the town orange with decorations to liven up LaFollette. Anyone interested in assisting with decorations or renting a vendor slot should contact Alumni officials.

A stage will be set up in the street for any local performers that wish to entertain. “Local entertainers are encouraged to call Pam Webb to sign up to play some tunes for our street dance that won‘t end till midnight,” said Herrin.

Sunday will slowly bring the reunion to a conclusion. They’ll meet over a continental breakfast at 9 am in the LaFollette Municipal Building where several alumni are scheduled to speak throughout the day. A community choir to be headed by David Shepard will bring the hippie generations harmony to officially cease the commemoration.

“What may be just another story or photo to you, may be a lost memory to someone else. We’re trying to make this as memorable as possible, and the more help we get the better it can be than the one’s in the past,” said Herrin, who hopes everyone will contact herself or any other alumni official with any questions, suggestions, or memorabilia that may help this reunion truly emanate memories from the halls of the old high school.

To contact the officer in charge of planning a specific class’s reunion call:

classes '40-'53 contact Charles Wender at (865) 573-4865 or Margie Monday Ford 562-5984

class of '54 contact Margret Ayers at 562-6860 or Faye Bowman Heatherly at 562-7311

class of '55 contact Pat Smith Bowman at 562-0630

class of '56 contact Arizona Sowder Powell at 562-2527

class of '57 contact Helen Bruce Ross 865-580-8788

class of '58 contact Shirley and Terry Claiborne at 562-3628

class of '59 contact Gail Roy at 562-2506 or Darrell Ross at (865) 712-5132

class of '60 contact LC Madron at 865-426-6832 or JoAnne Mcloud Myers at 566-3641

class of '61 contact Shirley Kitts Davis at 562-2811

class of '62 contact Alice Littell at 765-284-8733

class of ‘63 contact Lynda Murray Hatfield at 566-4304 or Patsy Graves at 562-8908

class of ‘64 contact Ann Willoughby at 865-691-8451

class of ‘65 contact Linda Gossage Irwin at 562-8996

class of ’66 contact Marilyn Peters Sebby at 865-938-9382 or Linda Orick Rutherford at 562-9436

class of ‘67 contact Mary Baird Barger at 865-688-2010 or June Ann Crumley Perkins at 606-528-7960

class of ‘68 contact Gary Hatmaker at 562-0093 or Clyde Green at 562-0532

class of ‘69 contact Karen Stout Miller at 566-0804

class of ‘70 contact Jane Cordell Richardson at 562-1687 or Linda Gray Harris at 566-5634

class of ‘71 contact Beverly Stanfield Hall at 562-9357

class of ‘72 contact Sherri Heatherly Shope at 865-567-0482

class of ‘73 contact Jerry Broyles at 562-0399

class of ‘74 contact Starla Bowman Clotfelter at 562-0795 or Vickie Leath Heatherly at 566-0822

class of ‘75 contact Martha Cain Freeman at 562-0816

classes ‘76-‘78 contact David Troutman at 212-495-9914.