Group planning Best of Times III


It may be over a year away but plans are in the works for the Best of Times 2010.

“We are really excited about it,” said Gail Stout Herrin one of the event’s organizers.

What began in 1998 as a dream to have a large scale class reunion has been realized and relived every five years for graduates of LaFollette High School (LHS).

The first Best of Times was held in 2000. “It went so well we all decided to do it again,” Herrin said.

Five years later, that is what was done. Now, as 2010 approaches, graduates of LHS are gearing up for a reunion Herrin says will be the biggest and best yet.

For those who attended LHS, it was more than a school. It was community where “everybody took care of everybody else’s children,” Herrin said of the care shown by many on the LHS staff.

That is one of the reasons the Best of Times is celebrated, she said.

“You can move away but you still have your roots,” Herrin said. “If you do live away from here it is wonderful to come back.”

The three-day event is slated for June 4, 5 and 6, 2010 with multiple activities in the works. Tentatively scheduled is a social at the White Bridge on Friday evening, a parade along with opening ceremony on Saturday morning and a dance that night. Throughout the weekend the former students will pay tribute to the teachers who Herrin said were their “favorites and made a difference.” The weekend will close with a community choir on Sunday morning.

“You just get to go back in time for a weekend,” she said.

However, before the party can begin, it has to be arranged.

“We need people,” Herrin said.

An organizational meeting, open to all who loved LHS, is set for Dec. 28 at 3 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of LaFollette.

Anyone who is interested can contact members of the steering committee that includes Herrin, 562-5657, Sue Troutman, 562-4868, John Lovegrove,423-494-3896, L.C. Madron, (865) 426-6832 or Mickey Nichols at (904) 268-7053.