As an aside, before the minutes are listed, we, the LHS Alumni Association Board want to say hats off to Alice (Childress) Littell, class of 1962, for staying with her class and getting her class alumni dues paid.


APRIL 19, 2009

LaFollette High School Alumni Association officers met with class representatives on April 19, 2009 at the First Presbyterian Church. Gail Herrin, President, John Lovegrove, Treasurer, Sue Troutman, Secretary, and L.C. Madron, Historian represented the board of officers. Also present was Mike Stanfield, Mayor of LaFollette. Mike is a member of the 1970 graduating class.

Gail began with an overview of the coming reunion plans and invited comments and suggestions as she went along. Most of the general plans have been reported before, but as time draws near for the 2010 reunion, details are being mapped out. Beginning on June 4, the first day of the reunion and following through to the final ceremonies on June 6, Gail gave plans that had been developed these past few years by the committee. She explained that from this point on, Committee chairs would be reporting their progress to the group.

On Friday June 4, 2010, registration will be held at the LaFollette Recreation Center. Clyde Green will be chairman of the registration committee and several alumni who had volunteered their assistance were present. More details will follow, however it was stated that alumni who had not had the opportunity to send in their dues would be able to contribute at registration.

Registration will also continue at White Bridge where the evening mixer will be held beginning at 6 P.M. The lighting of the area, vendors, musicians, stage and tents, are all details now being addressed. Charlie ( Goat ) Baird is overall chairman of the Friday evening mixer with individual committees dividing up the responsibilities. Each class, with the exception of ‘53 and ‘54 which will share a tent, will have its own tent where alumni can congregate to touch base with fellow classmates. There will be a large sign-in board for each tent where alumni can check out who is there from each class. Music provided by the Parrott Brothers will begin at 8 P.M. Fireworks at 11 P.M. will conclude the evening festivities. Vendors will be present with a variety of offerings so no one should go away hungry!

The tents used on Friday night will be moved to Seargeant Park where they will be set up for all day Saturday.

On Saturday morning, June 5, the parade will begin at 10 A.M. Participants are to begin lining up at 9:30 A.M. Plans are for “Barney Fife” to lead the parade followed by the Campbell County High School Band. Each class will carry a banner which will be exhibited at the “stage” which will be located in the center of town. The street will be closed to through traffic as it was at the last reunion. Former teachers will ride in the parade and then be seated on the “stage” for the opening ceremonies. The Mayor will give the welcome and opening address. Speakers have not yet been invited.

Following the opening ceremonies, vendors set up on the sidewalk around town will be available all day with their crafts and food and beverage items. Susie Shaw Henson is chairman of the committee to contact vendors and provide spaces for their exhibits. Since some classes are having reunions on Saturday, Susie will work out details bout the afternoon”lull” that was experienced during the last reunion. She will see if they can perhaps take a break and then reopen for the evening when everyone gathers again.

Gail again spoke of her plan to have a jumbo screen erected downtown and if possible in Seargeant Park. The plan if to have old pictures of LaFollette, class reunions, sporting events, etc. running all day long. Nicki Harville who has her own filming company will be in charge of interviews and filming the reunion. Videos will be available for those interested in purchasing and will be a fund raising project to be used for the next reunion. Much discussion followed on the poor quality of past videos and Gail stressed that was the reason she had contacted Nicki because her work is of very good quality. Anyone with old class pictures, videos, snapshots of friends ,etc. is urged to bring the pictures to be copied for the video presentation on Saturday. Contact any of the board members for information.

There will be music off and on all day and at 6 P.M. a “warm up” band will play before the headliner at 8 P.M. continuing until midnight with dancing in the street and fireworks at the end of the evening.

The closing ceremonies on June 6 will begin at the Municipal Building with breakfast in the large “town meeting” room beginning a 9 A.M. There will be a community choir to sing under the direction of Geneva Gearing, and David Shepherd who is also chairman of the Sunday Morning activities. Again as in the past reunions, a minister who is a L.H.S. alum will speak and butterflies will be released in memory of deceased class mates. Bagpipes will play closing the ceremony. The service which will follow breakfast at the municipal Building will be held in Seargeant park. Alumni are reminded to bring lawn chairs for the weekend. In case of rain festivities will be moved to West LaFollette Elementary School gymnasium.

A few added notes:

L.C. Madron announced that the golf tournament is still in the works although as stated before it is strictly a “fun” activity this year. In past years it has been a fund raising project with trophies and prizes, this tournament will be easier on the pocketbook.

Gail Bowman is in charge of decorations for downtown.

John Lovegrove’s class of ’63 is in charge of flags, banners and signs. He has acquired a large American flag and a flag of the state of Tennessee to fly in memory of veterans who have passed away and in honor of our military. There will be a board erected to honor our military alumni.

There will be a picture board as in the past of our deceased alumni to be shown on Sunday.

It was suggested that LaFollette Owl T shirts be available for sale again. Gail and Sue volunteered to follow through on this idea.

The meeting was adjourned by Gail with plans for a progress report by committee chairmen to be held in June at the First Presbyterian Church. Exact dates will be posted later.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Troutman