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If you have some photos (past or present) you would like for all to see, email Charlene. Sorry, some of these lost quality during scanning and/or transmission. The first part of this page is by class years and beneath that is a Miscellaneous Photo Section sent to me of various events/places, etc.

woodseyowlAnd now on with the show.........

1945 Class

1945 Senior Photos

Thanks to Dave Arnold for scanning these photos

1949 Class

1949 Senior Pictures and 1949 LHS Class in 2005
Thanks Howard Baird for the photos.

1950 Class

1950 Senior Photos --
Thanks to Kyle Hutson '53 Class

1950 LHS Class at 2000 and 2005 Reunions
Thanks Howard Baird for the photos

1951 Class

Photo of 1951 Graduating Girls in 1949 (10th grade)and other photos
Thanks Howard Baird for photos.

1952 Class

Photos of 1952 Graduating Class in 1949 (9th grade)

1953 Class

1953 Senior Photos
thanks to Dr. Charles Wender for the photos

Photos of Sports Teams

2008 Reunion --
thanks to Dr. Charles Wender for the photos

1954 Class

1954 Senior Photos
Thanks to Faye Bowman Heatherly for the photos

Photos of Sports Teams

Betty Tibbs, Hazel Starrett, Pat Price Goins at 2005 Reunion

1955 Class

1955 Senior Photos

Thanks to Don Trowbridge and Helen Bruce Ross for the photos

Various Photos
new one of 1954-1955 Football Backfield postions from Curtis Schofield's son)

Photos from 2005 Reunion

1956 Class

1956 Senior Photos
--along with Collages, Cheerleaders, Football Queen and Attendants, History, Prophecy, and Will. Thanks to Patsy Miller '59

2005 Reunion Photos Thanks Bob Childress

1957 Class

1957 Senior Photos, Officers, Cheerleaders, Etc.
thanks Patsy Miller '59 for photos

1957, 1958, 1959 Reunion Photos in August, 1968

Thanks Helen Bruce Ross for the photos

50th Reunion (May 19, 2007) for LHS Class of 1957
Thanks Helen (Bruce) Ross and Suzanne (Claiborne) Fox

1958 Class

1958 LHS Class Official Website
--Thanks B. Rector for a nice website for the class of 1958. Photos of the 50th Reunion held weekend of Sept. 13, 2008 are now online at their site.

Senior Photos

Various photos

1959 Class

1959 Senior Photos
Thanks Patsy Miller for the photos

Photos from Patsy Marguerite Miller

2005 Group Shot

Various Photos

1960 Class

Senior Photos

College Hill 8th Grade Class in 1956

A 1960 8th grade (taken Apr. 1956) class at LaF Jr. High

1960 Class Picture , 1959-1960 Football Team, 1960 Cheerleaders

2000 Reunion Photos

1960 Class Reunion Photos -- Page 1

1960 Class Reunion Photos -- Page 2

1960 Class Reunion Photos --Page 3

1960 Class Reunion Photos -- Page 4

1960 Class Reunion Photos --Page 5

1960 Class Reunion Photos --Page 6

2005 Reunion Group Shot

2005 Reunion Photo

1961 Class

1961 Senior Photos ----Thanks Tom O'Lenick

1961 Reunion Photos
--Thanks Tommy O' for all the wonderful photos. There are multiple years of the 1961 reunions at the site. New ones will be added after the weekend of April 23-24, 2010

1960-1961 Football Team, 1960-1961 Cheerleaders, and 1961 Class at 2000 Reunion

1962 Class

1962 Senior Photos
Thanks to Alice Crutchfield who scanned them and to Tom O'Lenick who edited them.

Various years for the class of 1962

1962 Class Reunion on June 16, 2007

I have been given permission to upload these photos to the site. Thanks for the permission.

1962 Class Reunion photos in June, 2005
Permission has been granted for me to upload these pictures to this website. Thanks for the permission.

Thanks to Alice Childress Littell, Nora Wallace, Linda Baird Daily and others for the 2007 and 2005 photos.

1963 Class

1963 Commencement Program and Graduate Names
Thanks Betty Wilson Russell

1963 Senior Photos
Thanks Betty Wilson Russell

May, 1963 Valley Echo
Thanks Betty Wilson Russell

1963 Class Photos of 2000 Reunion

Group Shot for 2005 Reunion Can someone send me the original??

1964 Class

1964 class in 4th Grade--Mrs. Edison Brown-Teacher--
Thanks Priscilla Douglas, '64 for photo

Senior Photos

1964 Commencement Program --
thanks Alice W. '64 for scanned program

Various photos

1964 Class in Mr. Heatherly's Home Room

Thanks to David Disney for photo. Need help with identification.

Graduation Night for 1964 held in LHS Auditorium
Great picture. Again, thanks to David Disney for photo.

1964 Class in Mr. Nevils' Homeroom -
Thanks Alice Welch Crutchfield for the photo.

Pictures of 2005 Reunion

1965 Class

Various photos for the class of 1965
Thanks to all who contributed

1966 Class

Class Officers
Thanks to Marilyn Peters for photo

Senior Photos
Thanks to Allen Henegar for photos and to Tommy O' '61 for editing them for me.

1966 Class at 2005 Reunion

Nadine Heatherly's 2nd Grade Class at East LaFollette
Thanks to Allen Henegar for the photo

Older Pictures of the Class of 1966-- Thanks Lonnie Lee for photos

1967 Class

1967 Class at 2005 Reunion
Thanks Hannah Ledbetter for sending me photo

1967 Class at their 40th reunion
Thanks Hannah

1967 Senior Photos
Thanks Ann Ford Cobb and other old photos --Thanks Mary B

1968 Class

1968 Senior Photos

1968 Class -- Photos from 2005 Reunion

1969 Class

1969 Senior Photos --
thanks to Darlene Hatmaker for the photos and Tommy O' for editing them

1970 Class

2005 photos for some 1970 Alumni
Thanks Gloria '70

1970 Senior Photos

1971 Class

1971 Senior Photos--
Thanks to Donnie York for scanning them and sending them to me.

1972 Class

1972 Senior Photos-- Thanks to Richard Sharp for scanning these for me

1973 Class

1973 Senior Photos --
Thanks to Larry Wilson for scanning these photos

1974 Class

1974 Senior Photos

Thanks to Kathy Sparks and her husband Dan Hamilton for photos

1974 Girls "monkeying" around

1975 Class

1975 Senior Photos

Thanks to Greg and Pamela Miller for the photos

Photo and Article from the LaFollette Press

I would love to have more classes represented. Please, doesn't anyone have any photos they are willing to share for the website?

Miscellaneous Photos

1950s Boy Scout Troop
Some of the boys have been identified. Can you name some?

Pictures from the Reunion Events in 2005 Finally got them organized

Press and Times Coverage of the 2005 Reunion

Pictures from Reunion Events in 2000
Found the lost page that had all these on it.

Memorial and Dedication Service for Ms. Babb, May 19, 2006

Basketball Game Photos--Last Game at "Old LHS" Gym--March 20, 2001

Teacher's Page

LHS Alumni Get Togethers
Usually every 4 to 6 months somewhere in/around Knoxville

May 28, 2009 Cove Lake Picnic

Sept. 19, 2008 Get Together
at Darryl and Helen (Bruce) Ross' home in Knoxville, TN

Photos of LHS Alumni at Dinner in Clinton, TN on June 26, 2008.
Thanks Alice Childress Littell for the photos and names

LHS Alumni Dinner Get Together in March, 2008
Alumni representing many classes get together for dinner in Knoxville --Thanks Mary Baird '67, Julia (Henegar) Sharp and Helen (Bruce) Ross, '57 for photos.

Photos of "Old" LaFollette

Indiana Baptist Church Men's Class--ca late 1950s-early 1960s

Pictures from LaFollette ca 1950s
Some are better than others and I apologize for the poorer quality ones.

Some 1950 and 1960 photos -- from Howard Baird '50

LaFollette High School--W. Central Ave.
A lot of us remember it as the Jr. High.

LaFollette High School
as most of us remember it. Click on photo to enlarge it.

East LaFollette Elementary School--ca 1950s

West LaFollette Elementary School--ca 1950s

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