Notable Entertainers from
Campbell County, TN

Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong
Mar. 4, 1909 - Jul. 30, 2003

Howard and Barbara Ward Armstrong

Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong --1990 NEA National Heritage Fellowship Award

Biography from Wikipedia on Howard "Louie Blue" Armstrong

Sweet Old Song Movie about Howard and Barbara Ward Armstrong

Musician, artist and storyteller

Roger Ebert's Review

Musical Families of Osborne and Armstrong of LaFollette--thanks Shirley '61

Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong Festival --Click to see current events.

Little Ethan Ferguson ---One of the events at the "Louie Bluie Festival" that stole the show. Ethan is only 10 and plays like a pro. The other two young folks are: Lacy Lee on guitar (16 years old) and Wade Darnell on banjo (16 years old). Wade and Ethan have only been playing for two years. Great profile for the talented youngsters of Campbell County, TN

LHSAA attendees at "Louie Bluie Festival"
List of some who attended plus some Howard "Louie Bluie" music.

Maggie Longmire

Maggie Longmire's Web Site

--Check out this site for Maggie's and John's new music along with other information about her music career.

Grace Moore


Grace Moore--from Jellico, TN

To learn more about her, do a "google search" on her and check out her bios

Homer Rodeheaver

Bio and Obituary on Homer A. Rodeheaver

A local (Newcomb/Jellico) American evangelist, music director, music publisher, composer of gospel songs, and pioneer in the recording of sacred music