Night Blooming Cirrus

My Mom

We have a "Christ In The Manager" plant which is blooming tonight and I wanted my daughter-in-law, Lynn, to come over to see the plant and enjoy the essence of the fragrant scent of it with us, but she was not feeling well so I have written about it for her.

It was one of my Mom's favorite flowers. Seeing and smelling it brings back some of my childhood memories.

When we could catch it and knew which night it was going to bloom, Mom would invite the neighbors and we would make home made ice cream in our old White Mountain Ice Cream Maker which had to be hand cranked along with adding salt to the ice. When everyone took their turn at turning the ice cream maker, it became a great picture and a blessed memory which we would carry with us through our lives. I believe the neighbors enjoyed these times as much as the kids did.

Mom also made a pot of fresh hot coffee for the adults while the other children ran around in the dark trying to catch fire flies in glass canning jars which Mom used to can fruits and vegetables. She also sold the cans of goodies to the school where we attended as payment for our lunches for the entire year.

She did this after she had worked all day either at the local shirt factory or working in the Grocery Store which she had built from the ground up. She was very successful at anything she tried. She was a great role model for us and everyone who knew her. If some us kids got lazy or tired, we could go inside and pump away at our old antique player piano.

I remember one night Mom baked a long glass dish of fresh peach pie. It was great when you had the warm pie on the bottom and ice cream on the top. Some of those nights when we had a full moon and the yard had been freshly mown, it was so bright outside that the bushes and trees cast long shadows across the yard. The smell of the freshly mown grass is permanently attached to my nose.

Don't you just love it when a special scent, such as the flowers and the grass can bring back memories you had forgotten long ago? I honestly believe I have more memories attached to my nose than I have from the actual images. Combined, they work wonders.

I really miss Mom. She was my best friend all of my life. I could tell her anything. We were always close. She was the greatest Mom in the world and when you can add "friend" to that, it is quite a relationship--one you will remember for the remainder of your life.

Lynn, my daughter-in-law, never got to meet Mom, but they would have become instant friends

'til later, Patsy