Momma's Last Birthday Trip

Before Momma got so sick, we sisters always took her for a weekend trip somewhere like Biltmore House and Gardens for the entire weekend.

Gail and I slipped out and walked up and down the halls changing everyone's menu for breakfast. If they ordered coffee and orange juice with their toast, we changed it to a "Bloody Mary". For others we just ordered a double order of stewed prunes and vodka to go with their orange juice. Funny thing. We never got invited back to stay at that hotel. Wonder why?

Gail and Ann would always steal the other bed and I would have to sleep with Mom because she snored. One weekend we took Mom to Ashville, NC and we did not have enough cover. I took the bed spread and slept on the floor. Mom swore that we were freezing her to death. Ann and Gail are cold natured also, so they turned the heat up to 80 degrees. Gail kept joking, running back and forth across the bedroom in front of the TV, until I finally said, "Gail, if you do not lay your cute butt down and go to sleep, I am going to kill you with my pillow. She and Ann had on sweats and I was in "overheat". So I opened the bedroom door and when we woke up the next morning I was nice and cool on the floor, but they thought I had exposed us to a mass murderer. The two of them wanted to kill me.

When we ordered breakfast in bed, we learned that our brother, Allen, had called the hotel and told them that he would pay for the entire breakfast with his Master Card, so we thought that was sweet of him, until they called from the kitchen and said someone had misplaced the Master Card number and they ask us to pay cash for it. That's when we decided to come home.

Mom called Ann on Monday morning and said she had to see her before she left for work. Mom had found a large lump on one side of her neck several days before out trip, but she did not let us know about it until we returned. So, needless to say, it was our last trip, but we always had a ball. Sisters are crazy, but necessary and wonderful when you are fortunate enough to have them. Even if they are both blond and you turn out to be brown headed and the middle child, that can be rough.

'til later, Patsy