Desperately Seeking ??

Your help is needed in locating the following alumni. If you have any information on the missing classmates, please email Charlene Oliver Williams. .


1954 Class

Lois (Woodson) Kussy
Berry/Barry Branam

1955 Class

James Randall Brown
Charles Holt
Dorothy Louise Goins

1956 Class

Terry Campbell
Marilyn Smith
Earl Willoughby
Linda Henry
Edith (Summers) McCoy

1957 Class

Emma Jane Wilhoit
Louise Woodson
Joyce Ayers

1958 Class

Josephine Craig Sumner
June Davenport Bacon
Robetta Davis Sherman
Robert Goins
Deola Gray
Helen Hicks
Julia Hicks
Helen Pruitt
Joan Teague
Doyle Ausmus
Charles Lee

1959 Class

Bennie Cox
Mary Kibert
Faye Johnson
Billy King
Paulene Lawson
Ray Miller
Charles Murray
Edward Phillips
Leonard Rhodes
Wanda Shoffner
Jim Smith
Zella Williams

1960 Class

Frank Corbin
Mary Betty Powers--moved before graduation
Barbara Ball--moved before graduation
Ronnie Rogers
Rosemary "Super" Marlowe
Barbara Miller Gott
Deany Woods Newcomb
Tommy Lynch
Tommy Sue Bolinger Tidwell
Billy Prater
Della Jean Walden Lambert

1961 Class

Delores Turner Wilson
Cecilia Prewitt Betts
John Mullins

1962 Class

Bernard Hatmaker
Barbara (Davis) Seitz
Louise Mayne
Vernon Owens
Joyce Roberts
Clara Hatmaker
Opal Paul

1963 Class
  Mary Frances (Forrester) Egeler
  Mike Cordell
  Rodney Goodman
  Kathryn (Loving) Poole
  Carolyn (Miller) Parrott
  Brenda (Smith) McGhee
  Wanda (Rutherford) Hunley
  Thomas (Tommy) Wilson
  Janet (Sexton) Hatmaker

1964 Class

Thomas E. Douglas

1965 Class

Susan Mardis

1968 Class

Teresa Anderson
Diane Dossett
Delores Duncan
Gary Ivey
William T. Miller
George Edward Riggs
David Starr

1970 Class

Shirley Byrge
Wilma Jane Cox Swan
Kathy Lynn Goins
Judy Elaine Hatfield
Andrew James Hubbard
Dennis Miekrantz
Nancy Jo Wise
Annette Graham
Cathy Bowers Ford
Diana Bostic

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