Miscellaneous Links

Line Dancing Like You've Never Seen

Topless Dancer -- Cute

Senior Couple at Mayo Clinic Piano -- Very Good

Cas Walker's Message to Thieves --

Vintage--Not sure when this was recorded--be sure and read the comments below the video. Brings back some memories. Thanks, JB

Report on Oil Surveys -- Bet you haven't heard of this report

Mayor Hazel -- We could all use a mayor (or a President) like this.

Dean Martin and John Wayne

Why Dads Buy Wii

Best Panhandler Yet

Strip Poker Not for the "faint of heart".

The Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it. Thanks Mary B '67

Terry Fator--Ventroliquist Very good. Thanks Alice '62

She's Got You

Movement of the Earth during 24 hours (taken from a space satellite)

Pilot in Trouble

Russian Bar Trio--takes a few seconds to buffer

Digital Conversion

The Deerhunters

Kentucky (or TN or OH --I've seen various states) 911 Call--takes a moment to buffer

Maxine's Maxims --My Kind of Woman

History of Campbell County including cities Information for you history buffs.

Remember those fence post signs as you were traveling up and down the highways. Click on Burma Sign for the signposts I created.

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