JULY 26, 2009

The LaFollette High School Alumni Committee members met with committee chairpersons and class representatives on Sunday July 26, 2009 at the LaFollette First Presbyterian Church. Committee members present were Gail Herrin, chairperson, John Lovegrove, treasurer, Sue Troutman, secretary and L.C. Madron, historian.

The meeting was held in order to review the plans for the 2010 reunion to be held June 3, 4, 5, 6. While most of the plans have been discussed in broad terms, details are being addressed as time draws closer for the event. Committee chairs were invited to report their progress and asked to express their needs in getting their respective jobs done.

L.C. Madron reported that a golf tournament will be held on Thursday, June 3 to kick off the weekend. There will be a nominal fee for the event and prizes (within reason) awarded. He has enlisted the help of Warren (Country) Heatherly and Bobby Heatherly.

Clyde Green chairs the registration committee which includes Arizona Stooksbury Powell, Margaret Hatmaker, Faye Heatherly, Shirley Claiborne and several others who will be helping register at the LaFollette Recreation Center on June 4th. Registration will begin at 10 A.M. and continue at the White Bridge Mixer on Friday evening.

Gail announced that tents have already been purchased to be used at the Friday Night mixer and again in Seargeant Park on Saturday. Charlie Baird and Gene Prater are chairmen of the event on Friday night. They will coordinate the setting up of the tents, oversee the acquiring of food vendors, utilities, entertainment and fireworks to cap off the evening. (From Gail: there will be 2 additional tents--1 for pre-1953 classes and 1 for 1976-1979 classes)

A local favorite, The Parrot Brothers, will be the entertainment for the evening. Tents will be set up for each class-1953-1975 where alumni can sign in and find class mates who are attending the reunion. (From Gail: there will be 2 additional tents--1 for pre-1953 classes and 1 for 1976-1979 classes)

Gail has spoken with County Mayor, William Baird who said that the pavilion planned for the area should be completed by that date and available power would be supplied through LUB.

On Saturday the Main Street through LaFollette and Tennessee Avenue will be closed for the parade and downtown activities. A parade will begin at 9 A.M. with Pam Webb as coordinator. The Parade will be followed by a welcome by the Mayor and a “kick off” speaker to be announced later who will also address the crowd.

Susie Shaw Henson will chair the committee to work with vendors desiring to set up space downtown for the reunion. There will be craft and food vendors who will remain downtown for the entire day. The stage will probably be a flat bed trailer and will be set up in the center of town where performers will entertain throughout the day. A wide screen T.V. will show videos of LaFollette past and present while live interviews will be conducted with reunion attendees. Nicki Harville is in charge of videos and will make videos of the reunion available for those interested in purchasing them.

Tents used on Friday night will be set up on L.J. Seargeant Park as a gathering place where classmates can meet, “rest” and reminisce and enjoy being together.

Gail Bowman is in charge of downtown decorations. Jim Mullins and Johnny Byrge will be in charge of closing the downtown area and planning for the rerouting of traffic.

In the evening a headliner band, later to be announced, will begin playing at 8 P.M. until midnight for dancing in the street. Everyone is encouraged to bring lawn chairs and enjoy the entertainment.

A committee for door prizes is yet to be formed. Shirley Kitts Davis has been asked to advise this committee.

On Sunday morning a Continental Breakfast will be served at the LaFollette Municipal building. David Shepherd, Geneva Gearing and Martha Freeman will coordinate plans for a Community Choir to perform at the Sunday Morning service. As in years past, the speaker will be a LaFollette High School alumnus. Also, as in the past, butterflies will be released in memory of deceased school mates. A board with pictures of deceased alumni will be set up with the able assistance of Margaret Ayers. The event will be held in Seargeant Park and in case of rain moved to the old West LaFollette gymnasium.

John Lovegrove gave a checks and balances report on how monies coming in were being handled so that there could be no confusion as to how the money was contributed or how it was being spent.

We are now in the final year before the big weekend. Plans are sometimes overwhelming and workers are needed for the final countdown. It is hoped that there will be an abundance of volunteers to make this reunion as memorable as the last two.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Troutman, Secretary