My Friend, Mary Ann, Does It Again

She and my Granddaughter are the only two persons in both Jerry's and my family to carry a key to our door.

One night, I walked into the front door to make sure it was locked. I looked in the front bedroom to be sure everything was OK in there and that's when I saw a body in our bed. So I walked ever so softly to take a peak. Whoever was in my bed had their head completely covered with the comforter, so I crept to the head of the bed. She was waiting for me and she and I both screamed. She was retuning from LaFollete on a visit and when she got close to my house, she decided she was too tired to go home so she just stopped here. When I asked "Mary Ann, are you hungry?" She replied, "Oh, don't mind me. I already had a snack and have taken a bath so if you do not mind now, I will just go back to sleep".

Mary Ann had a partial stroke about five years and retired from UT. She walks independently sometimes, but often with a cane. Very late one night, she and I decided to go the grocery store and as we walked down the street, I would always walk behind her. I dragged my right food so we could look like twins. But it did not take long for her to look and see what I was doing, so she would swing her cane at me.

When we got inside the store, I tried my best to get her in a wheel chair because I did not want her get so tired. She refused to. So just for fun I got into a wheel chair. You should never attempt it until you have six months of training... I ran into a very large bread rack and I knocked over three rows of fresh bread. Finally I managed to back out of the bread. Yes, at least 40 to 50 loaves. I finally starting picking up all of the bread until another came to my rescue and helped me get it all back together.

Where was my good friend Mary Ann? She had already gone through the line, finished and was standing at the front of the store. Her head was turned towards the door. She finally had to go outside she was laughing so much. Just you watch, her day is coming

'til later, Pat