LHS Alumni Get-Together at Darryl and Helen (Bruce)Ross' home on 09/19/08--Page 4

L - R: Nancy and Jim Farris, Margaret (Hatmaker) Ayers (background)

L - R: Wayne Heatherly, Don Trowbridge, Darryl Ross, Bill Fox

L - R: Nancy and Jim Farris, Frances (Sharp) Oldham

L - R: Paul Roberts, Alice (Welch) and Jerry Crutchfield

Counter-clockwise around table: Paul Roberts, Alice & Jerry Crutchfield, Margaret (Hatmaker) Ayers, Joyce & Gene Carr; Mary (Baird) Barger (in background); (at second table) Rosemary (Lane) Little, Jane Wilson, Everette Orick

L - R: Marion Faulkner, Everette Orick, Rosemary (Lane) Little

L - R:Suzanne (Claiborne) Fox, Mary (Baird) Barger, Margaret (Hatmaker) Ayers

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