The Barn Dance

'Twas on a Saturday night several years ago that Larry's Band had to perform for an Old Barn Dance at a remote location in the Tennessee Hills.

Now Larry's Band had never played for an Old Barn Dance and didn't really know what to expect. Little did they know what was in store for them. Well, they played until about midnight and were really just getting warmed up when all the people, being farmers, started filing out of the barn to go home.

So, the band started packing up all their instruments when they heard music coming from the back of the barn. They immediately went back to see what was going on, and the first thing they saw was a goat. Now this wasn't just any goat, this was Uncle Buck the fiddlin' goat!

No sooner than the shock wore off they saw a fiddlin' Raccoon!

And then, lo and behold, a banjo playin' Frog!

And then to their complete surprise they saw a whole band of animals playing the best hoedown they had ever heard!

Then Uncle Buck, Cow Claw, and Pork Bucket formed a trio and the Nags really got with it!

Before long, even the Barn started dancing!

Well this was just too much for Larry and the band and they begin to wonder if they were really seeing what they thought they were. They went back and checked the punch but it was plain as could be (yeah,right...moonshine is clear, don't you know). When they went back to the music playing, this character had sneaked in.

This was too much for them so they packed up and left. They never told anybody about this because they didn't want anyone to think they were crazy, drunk, on dope, or all of the above!!! But, THEY SAY that on just the right Saturday night somewhere in the Tennessee hills you can still hear some of the best hoedown music you ever heard, IF you can find the right barn!

Playing "Orange Blossom Special" by J.D. Crowe