Amnesty Bill
(Click on above link to hear CNN's Dobbs on subject)

I don't care what political persuasion you are, this is the most ridiculous piece of legislation that has ever been authored by anyone. I pay taxes out of my "private medical disability" pension for this and the parttime job I work at 2 days a week would pay for some of these provisions. The person who sent this to me has a great idea. "Let's quit paying taxes; they can't put us all in jail".

This is my opinion only and I really don't want to turn this website into a political forum....but I think you all should reflect on this and the people we've voted into office. I do believe I will change my registration to "Independent" and vote for the best person....not the party. Both parties should be aware,(from most of the emails I have received in re to politics) there are lots of others out there who are "contemplating" the same idea.