My Christmas Memory

I lived on College Hill and our property ran down toward Norris Lake, just above, and in the back waters and north of the White Bridge. When crossing the bridge toward Demory, the cliffs to your left was our swimming and diving haven.

I could have been about ten or eleven and I had been home sick almost a week from school. Mom had doctored me and I had not gotten to Dr. Howards for my regular throat swabbing. I continually had a sore throat because I had bad tonsils.

Well it was only a week until Christmas and Mom said that we didn't have a Christmas tree. So she help bundle me up and off I went for the TVA Land in search of a tree. I was carrying a hatchet, small saw and a Steven's 22 (to shoot mistletoe out of the walnut trees). It was a good three mile trip and had to cross the lake(which was a creek in winter). I searched, found the tree, cut some holly bush and shot some mistletoe. I gathered the saw, hatchet, gun, tree, holly and mistletoe and headed home on the three mile trek.

I started to cross the creek by way of a log, and it was frozen and slippery. Well everything and me too, went under water. I again gathered up my gear and headed for home. The longer I walked, the stiffer my pants and clothes got. But I was praying all the way and God and I made it home.

That was the coldest I've ever been. Mom helped get me out of the frozen clothes. The warmest place I could find was under the stove pipe behind the Warm Morning Heater. I think I stayed there for three days. But You know what ? My throat got better and I recovered for Christmas. We had a great one too, because the whole family was there to enjoy what we had , not what we wanted.

God Bless .