Music on this page provided by Allan--now playing "Forgiven Again"

Allan Powell '55 LHS Class
CD of Old and New Gospel Music

Allan has created a personal CD with some songs of the past and some newer ones. He has a wonderfully smooth voice and I have enjoyed listening to his CD many times.

Those of you who were raised in the area may remember Allan's Dad, Walter Powell. Walter was a great singer and promoter of music. He emcee'd many singing conventions and I remember as a girl attending them. One was at the "Old LHS" which had just opened. The auditorium was full and it was an afternoon of "handclapping" and just sitting back enjoying the various groups.

Allan is also a personal friend of my family. Though not having seen them for years, he still asks about my Aunt Sarah and her son, Bobby Joe.

Photo of Allan and his wife of 49 years, Reba, taken from Hampton Inn, Caryville, TN overlooking Cove Lake. Reba provides some of the backup vocals on four of the songs on the CD. Reba is formerly Reba Thompson and lived in Demory until the sixth grade when she and her parents, Walter and Ella Thompson moved to Detroit. Allan and Reba have two daughters, four grandsons, and 2 great-grandsons

Please email Allan Powell or contact them at Allan Powell Ministries, 3854 Ryans Ridge, Monroe, Mich 48161. Phone No.734-242-4657. The cost is $10.00 + 2.00 SH charges.