Some older pictures of the class of 1966
Thanks to Lonnie Lee for the photos (moved bef. graduating)

This is a first grade picture taken in 1955 of Mrs. Agee's Class
Seated L - R: 1st person Suzanne Rogers, 2nd person Jo Anne Falls ...the rest are unidentified at this time.

Middle Row L - R: 1st person, Linda Miller, 3rd from left is Lonnie Lee, 4th person to the left is Kaye Ellen McCloud, 5th person is Jack Stout and the 6th person to the left is Sharon Wright.

Back Row L - R: 1st person is Freddy Davis, 7th person is Mary Ann Richardson, and 10th person is Stella Overton

If you can help identify any of the class, please email Charlene with the names.

This is a photo taken approximately 1960

Back Rose: L - R: 6th person is Danny Gibson, 7th is Lonnie Lee.
Front Row L - R: Directly in front of Lonnie is Hugh Wright.

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