Jimmy Heatherly's 1960 - 1961 Eighth Grade Class--1965 Graduates

If I've identified someone incorrectly or misspelled a name, please send me the correct information.

Bottom Row L-R: Marvin Bolinger, Jimmy Chadwell, Donald Kinder, Joyce St. John, Patricia Nicholson, Bill Higginbotham, Curt Gardner, Douglas Rutherford, David Huddleston

2nd Row L-R: Mr. Heatherly, Martha Sue Crowder, Janice Hill, Chris Longmire, Ann Russell, Kathy Crumley, Sue Lee, Barbara Balloff, Janice Keck, Connie Huddleston, Wanda Bratcher, Glenda Heatherly, Phillip Rutherford, Michael Cassell, Richard Turney

3rd Row L-R: Patricia Sparks, Karen Rockwell, Richard Brown, Jerry Rutherford, June Auxier, Eddie Barton, Kay Meredith, Linda Hale, Linda Brown, Brenda Dabney, Jeannie Heatherly, Terry Longshore

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