Class of 1965 Photos of 2000 Reunion--Page 1

Fr. Row: Terry Longshore and Jeannie Heatherly; Back Row: Donnie Kinder, Marty, Glenda Heatherly, Mike Cassell

Richard Turney, Marty Crowder, Jeannie Heatherly

Bill Skibitzke and Glenda Heatherly Skibitzke

Jeannie Heatherly, Marty Crowder, Janice Hill

Terry Longshore and Jeannie Heatherly

Marty Crowder, Mike Cassell, Linda Gossage

Henry Sowder and Sondra Ford Sowder

Janice Pickel, Linda Gossage, Donnie Kinder, Brenda Willoughby

Richard Turney, Gwen Lanham

Phil Rutherford...leading the choir. Not!! Just trying to get us together for a group pic

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