1962 LHS Class Reunion on June 16, 2007--Page 2

L - R: Jerri Kimberlin, Lillian Pickel, Joyce Murray, Linda Baird Daily

L - R: Alice Childress, Charles Guy, Mike McCarty, Jessie Collingsworth

L - R: Judy Smith and Jessie Collingsworth

L - R: Jessie Collingsworth Yao, Judy Smith Molique, Mary Ruth Mars Hudgens

Eddie Wheeler

Ken and Nancy Starrett

L - R: Mary Baird Barger, Jessie Collingsworth

L - R: Mrs. J. W. Faulkner (back of head) Carol Wheeler, Eddie Wheeler

Seth Butner ( Joyce Mill's husband)

L - R: Mrs. Cas Walker (back to camera), Guss and Tip Jones

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