1960 Class Reunion Photos--Page 1

Thanks to Barbara Minton Hill, Irene Hensley LaMadrid, Jackie Irwin Erwin and
Nancy Murray Scott for all the great pictures.

Mary Jane Lobertini Smith, Jackie Irwin Erwin, Dan Erwin and
Hugh Spradlin in far right-hand corner "sawing" on his steak

Jerry Higdon, Becky Tallent Higdon, Hugh Spradlin (still cutting that steak)

Millard Summers, Janet Leach Summers, Jim Kuenzli (Elizabeth Lynch's husband)

Hugh Spradlin (entertaining the troops) and Barbara Minton Hill

Ken Kincaid and Barbara Minton Hill

Janet Leach Summers, Elizabeth Lynch Kuenzli, Annetta Harmon Miller,
Barbara Minton Hill, Juanita Sharp Barth, Carol Herod Hicks

Jo Ann McCloud Myers and Jackie Irwin Erwin

L.C. Madron and Jo Ann McCloud Myers

L.C. Madron.....singing??  Hey L.C., I didn't know you could sing.

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