1959-60 Football Team--Thanks Larry Irwin,'60 for identifying the players.

First Row (left to right): Hubert Brown, A.J. Hatmaker, Ronnie Hill, L.C. Madron, Albert Miller, Lloyd Smith, Dormas Miller, Ken Kincaid, Howard St.John, Sam Miller

Second Row (left to right): Coach Chan Caldwell, Bobby Childress, Carl Rutherford, Tom Gardner, Ronnie Higdon, Bailey Francis, Mickey Nichols, Joe Savinsky, J.W. Faulkner, Ronnie Wells, Robert Evans, Jack Faulkner, Coach Murray, Coach Ray Brandt (thanks L.C. for identifying him).

Third Row (left to right); Jerry Wells, Mack Orick, Richard Higdon, Michael Leach, Boyd Francis, Bill Benge, Charles Crownover, Jack Lamdin, Claude Wilson, Frank Kinder, Rodney Goodman, Michael Stokes.

The other adult Assistant Coach is unknown in the picture.