1959 Class at 2005 Reunion

Front Row L-R: John Faulkner, David Arthur, Darryl Ross, Jerry Crutchfield, Tom Petitt, Ralph Bratcher, Tom Robards, Marshall McKamey.

Second Row L-R: Effie Ferguson Goins, Gail Irwin Roy, Martha Jane Lynch Weaver, Jack Sharp, Louise Cable Benge, Martha Walton Sealock, Callie Lovett, Millie Killian Hill, Eloise Edwards Thompson, Don Phillips.

Back Row L-R: Jim Byrd, (can't see who's behind Louise Cable), Eddie Morton, (not sure who's behind Callie Lovett), I believe the blond haired girl that you can only see the top of her head is Alice Davis (don't know her married name), Lucy Irwin Lobertini, Norman Sweat