1957, 1958, and 1959 LHS Classes Reunion in 1968--Page 1

Wayne Heatherly, the Pinchback’s son, Ron, (back of head), Barbara Pinchback, Suzanne Claiborne Fox and Charlene Chaniott’s husband

R-L: Jimmy Castleberry, Lorinda Wheeler Castleberry, Suzanne Claiborne Fox, Bill Fox, Barbara Pinchback, Ron Pinchback (looking away)

Besides Mr. Morton, Ms. Baird and Ms. Murray are: Beside Mr. Morton - Joan Dudley Jones, Peggy Beever, Joyce Roberts. Beside Ms. Baird – Mary Ann Davis, Mr. Earl Shepherd. At the end of the table, Ron and Barbara Pinchback.

R-L: Charlene Chaniott and husband, Doris Hobbs, Linda McCarty McKamey, Marshall McKamey, Ronnie Lobertini.

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