The LaFollette High Owls
LaFollette, Campbell Co., TN

1953 - 1975

LaFollette High School--W. Central Ave. 1919-1952

After new LHS school built on Middlesboro Hwy., this became our Jr. High School

NOTE FROM CHARLENE: I don't update this site very much since most people are now on Facebook and receive information about class reunions and other info that way. However, I will continue to post pertinent info in re to Board Member changes, Alumni deaths, etc. on here.

People have asked why there are no pictures of the past BOT III Reunion posted on the website. For some reason, my computer times out when trying to upload pictures. I'm not sure if it's my 'puter or the server. If you are on FB, join the "Best of Times" group and there you will see 1000+ photos.

May I suggest as a way of keeping up with everyone, that you create an account on Facebook. I have set up a group for LaFollette High School Alumni. And it is really like being back in school with your friends and is quite lively. There are close to 500 members of various classes in this group. You can also upload pix, chat, etc.

After you create your account, you can join the group...type in "LaFollette High School Alumni" (exactly as inside the quotes) in the search box and then click join, otherwise, you're listed with a group of LaFollette High School students from Madison, WI. Once you have joined, you can click on friends' names that you would like to add as your friend. If you attended any Elementary school in/around LaFollette School District and/or "Old LHS", join our little community. You'll be pleasantly surprised. NOTE: If I (Charlene) or anyone else have invited you to join this group and you've rejected the invite, we can not invite you again. This is against FB policies.

Welcome to the LaFollette High School OWLS web page. This page has been set up to serve as an online starting point for all LHS (W. Central and Middlesboro Hwy. schools along with the classes of 1976-1978 who attended LHS before graduating from CCHS) alumni, former faculty, staff members, and interested visitors to connect with each other through email, personal webpages, and the guestbook. Additionally, the site contains a modern day version of "The Valley Echo" with items of interest about class reunions and a memorial listing of deceased classmates and faculty members.

Please click on the appropriate links below for more detailed information. LHS alumni members are invited to submit updates and information to include on the OWLS Web Page through email. Everyone is encouraged to visit and sign the guestbook as well.

The OWLS page is dedicated to all the students, faculty, and staff who have given and continue to give so much to enrich the lives of others through education.

Thank you for visiting the OWLS page. We hope you enjoy your trip "Back to the Future".

Newly elected LHSAA Officers for the June 4, 5, 6 and 7, 2015 Best of Times Reunion are:

Helen Cordell Connor, President

John Lovegrove, Vice-President

Helen Bruce Ross, Secretary

Pamela Thompson Webb, Treasurer

Charlene Oliver Williams, Webmaster

If you have "ANY" old photos you'd like to share on Facebook, Frank Payne has created a Facebook page called "Campbell County Tennessee History" where he has received and stored so many old photos of Campbell County. I love looking at these old photos and reminiscing about what LaFollette and surrounding areas looked like when I was growing up. And there are many photos of family members of the area that some of you may remember.

Another suggestion by L.C. Madron was to donate a yearbook from your class to the Campbell County Historical Society. I know my kids will just pack mine up and store it away...until it gets pitched.

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